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Corporate Directory Services

Corporate Directory Services

Introducing S i2i Corporate Directory Service (CDS), an innovative and cost-effective online phone book hosting solution designed to streamline communication within companies. With S i2i’s cutting-edge IP technology and extensive global network spanning over 240 countries, CDS offers a centralized web-based telephone directory accessible from anywhere.

Key Features:

Efficient Access: Each staff member receives a unique user ID to log in to the Corporate Directory. A powerful search function allows swift access to contact details across departments and countries.

Corporate Directory Services

Callback Service: Double-clicking on any phone number triggers a callback service, connecting users to their intended party. This ensures seamless communication while maintaining privacy.

Confidentiality: Contact numbers remain private and confidential to each company, prioritizing the security of corporate information.

Cost Savings: Leveraging S i2i’s managed voice network, CDS offers significantly reduced international call rates, slashing phone bills by 50-60%. Outgoing calls are converted into cheaper or even free incoming calls, driving cost efficiency.


Staff Productivity: The user-friendly CDS interface can be customized to meet the specific needs of each company. Staff members benefit from private phone books and personal profiles to store essential information, streamlining communication and enhancing productivity.

Seamless Integration: CDS seamlessly integrates with existing voice infrastructure, leveraging the enterprise’s Internet connection and S i2i’s robust VoizNet global IP infrastructure. This integration minimizes the need for massive investments while ensuring reliable communication.

With over a decade of pioneering development in VoIP services, S i2i’s patented technology and commitment to flexibility, reliability, and quality position it as a leader in consumer and enterprise VoIP services.

Key Advantages:

Immediate Cost Savings: Phone bills are significantly reduced, with call rates slashed by 50-60% compared to traditional telecommunication providers.
Enhanced Staff Productivity: Customizable features and a powerful search function streamline communication, saving time and improving efficiency.
Minimal Investment Required: CDS seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure, leveraging the enterprise’s Internet connection and S i2i’s global IP infrastructure without requiring massive investments.
Experience the benefits of S i2i Corporate Directory Service and revolutionize your company’s communication efficiency today.

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