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S i2i offers an extensive and cost-effective business communication solution tailored for multi-location enterprises, aiming to reduce overall telecommunication expenses. Developed on S i2i’s innovative patented technology, the S i2i Enterprise service facilitates seamless integration of existing voice infrastructure by establishing a virtual voice network over S i2i’s Global IP infrastructure (VoizNet), requiring minimal investment. This convergence of telecommunication networks across office and branch locations significantly slashes international call charges while ensuring high-quality and affordable communication channels.

Enterprise Voice si2i
Enterprise Voice si2i

For a fixed monthly fee, companies can benefit from unlimited intra-company (on-net) calls, fostering seamless communication within the organization. Calls outside the company’s telecommunication infrastructure (off-net) are usage-rated and billed based on S i2i’s competitive call rates.

The S i2i Enterprise service harnesses the robustness and scalability of S i2i VoizNet spanning over 240 countries worldwide. Patented technologies emphasize flexibility, reliability, and quality, supported by a globally managed network ensuring consistent voice quality, service availability, and user satisfaction.

How It Works:
Traditionally, enterprise voice networks route calls through the PSTN (Public Switching Telephony Network). S i2i Enterprise routes calls through its VoizNet global network via the S i2i Enterprise gateway installed at each overseas office location. It seamlessly integrates with most voice infrastructure and scales according to business growth, accommodating locations without a PABX.

Common Applications:
S i2i Enterprise caters to diverse industries such as Contact Centers, Airlines, Banking, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Petrochemical, and Maritime, facilitating cost-effective, high-quality communication networks for multi-location enterprises.

Key Features and Benefits:

Flat modest monthly subscription charges for unlimited intra-company calls.
Easy deployment of additional solution nodes at new office locations.
Seamless integration with existing enterprise voice infrastructure.
S i2i’s patented advanced Forward Error Recovery (FER) technique ensures consistent voice quality by handling packet loss and managing latency.
Superior voice quality via a robust managed MPLS backbone.
Customized monthly reports for usage and expense monitoring at corporate and individual user levels.
Centralized password protection for user access.
24×7 post-sales support and network monitoring ensure uninterrupted service.
In essence, S i2i Enterprise empowers businesses with a reliable, cost-effective, and high-quality communication solution tailored for the demands of modern multi-location enterprises, driving efficiency and competitiveness in a global marketplace.

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