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IDD 1551

IDD 1551

Transforming Your Lifestyle, Work, and Communication with S i2i’s Premier International Direct Dial Service

Experience unparalleled call quality at unbeatable rates with S i2i’s top-tier international direct dial service.

At S i2i, we are dedicated to meeting the ever-evolving demands of a dynamic business landscape. We tirelessly strive to assist our discerning corporate clientele in achieving substantial savings on international calls. To achieve this goal, S i2i invests in cutting-edge fault monitoring, tracking, and rectification systems, ensuring our customers enjoy unrivaled service reliability and availability.

IDD 1551
IDD 1551

Delivered through our extensive global carrier network spanning over 240 countries, S i2i guarantees that only the finest call quality reaches our clients, all at the most competitive rates.

To enroll in the S i2i IDD 1551 service, simply visit

Benefits of S i2i IDD 1551 Service:

Savings with 6-Second Charge Blocks:
Call charges are calculated in 6-second increments, eliminating wastage associated with minute-based charging.

Cost-Effective Call Routing:
Leveraging Least Cost Routing methodology, S i2i IDD 1551 ensures calls are routed through the most cost-effective carrier networks, maintaining superior call quality while keeping charges low.

Premium Call Quality:
S i2i IDD 1551 employs high-quality circuit-switched technology for crystal-clear calls and swift connections.

Seamless Integration:
With S i2i IDD 1551 Dialer Access or PABX Programming, users can maintain their existing dialing habits. All IDD calls are automatically routed via S i2i IDD 1551 network, facilitating immediate call savings without the need for user retraining.

Convenient Cost Control:
Gain instant access to past and present billing statements through the S i2i IDD 1551 online billing portal at Monitor international call expenses effortlessly and implement timely cost control measures.

Secure Authorized Usage:
PIN (Personal Identification Number) secured access ensures authorized usage, allowing international calls from any Singapore telephone for added convenience.

Continuous Network Monitoring:
The S i2i Network Operations Centre (NOC) operates 24/7, year-round, maintaining optimal service availability for our clients.

Transparent Pricing:
S i2i charges no upfront registration fees, service activation fees, or recurring subscription fees, ensuring transparency and cost-effectiveness for our customers.


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