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Introducing S i2i’s s-connect service: Your Hassle-Free Solution for International Calls

Say goodbye to exorbitant call charges without sacrificing call quality, thanks to S i2i’s innovative s-connect service. Whether you’re halfway across the globe or just around the corner, enjoy significant savings on international calls while maintaining excellent call clarity.


Powered by a seamless call connect mechanism, S i2i’s s-connect service offers one-stage dialing for unparalleled convenience. No longer worry about changing numbers while roaming, as you can stay connected on the same number wherever you are. Plus, benefit from the simplicity of sending SMS messages to any destination at a single, competitive rate*.

Compatible with a wide range of mobile devices and platforms, including Windows Mobile, iPhone, Symbian, and Blackberry, s-connect maximizes your mobile plan’s value without requiring complex setup or altering your dialing habits.

Once installed, the s-connect widget appears on your mobile phone menu, ensuring quick and easy access whenever you need it.


Key Features:

Convenient Setup Process: Register for s-connect, follow the link sent via SMS to the s-connect service website, create your account, and download the application to your mobile device**.
Effortless Dialing: Directly dial from your phone book and send call connect instructions via the Internet**, SMS, or Auto-dialer based on your preferences.
No Special Number Needed: Subscribe to an s-connect number before traveling, and forward/divert all mobile voice calls to this number. Remain reachable on your mobile number even with an overseas SIM card.
Maximize Your Mobile Plan: Use your bundled SMS/mobile data to send call connect instructions and enjoy highly competitive international call rates.
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Behind every S i2i product lies over a decade of pioneering development in VoIP services. Our patented technology and unwavering focus on flexibility, reliability, and quality position us as the leader in consumer and enterprise VoIP services today.

*Promotional offer subject to change without notice. S i2i Limited reserves the right to withdraw this offer.
**Depending on your mobile plan, downloading s-connect and sending call connect instructions via the Internet may incur mobile data charges.

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