Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

S i2i Limited (formerly known as spicei2i Ltd) and its affiliates (such as, Inc., i2u Pte Ltd, and i2u Sdn Bhd) (hereinafter referred to as “S i2i”) recognize the importance of safeguarding the privacy of personal information provided by our users. S i2i is deeply committed to privacy protection. This Privacy Policy delineates our information collection and use practices and the privacy of information we receive from you. Any alterations to our Privacy Policy will be posted on this page, and we may also issue notices on other web pages to ensure your awareness. Your continued utilization of our services indicates your consent to our utilization of your information. If you disagree, you may contact us to discuss the policy, cease usage, or deregister.

S i2i does not target services to individuals under the age of 13. Individuals under 13 years old are ineligible to register or initiate our services. Please register once you have reached the age of 13.

Information Collected

Personally Identifiable Information:

Registration Information: To render service to you, S i2i collects your name, address (including postal code/zip code for Canada and the US), email address, and age. Non-registration or non-provision of such personal information allows visitation to most of S i2i’s website but restricts access to areas requiring personal identification and initiation of services.
Demographic Information: S i2i gathers demographic information such as gender, occupation, and areas of interest to tailor material to your preferences.
Credit Card Information: When purchasing a S i2i prepaid account and utilizing a credit card for payment, we collect credit card details solely for payment processing.
Third Party Information: If initiating a telephone call or sending an email message to a third party, you provide us with the third party’s contact details (e.g., telephone number or email address). S i2i completes the call without retaining the third party’s information for later solicitation or other purposes.
Aggregate Information:

S i2i collects aggregate data about website usage through surveys, cookies, and data-mining technologies, including visitor numbers, visit durations, navigation patterns, and browser types. This information is anonymous and not personally identifiable.
Information on service usage, including call duration, origin, and termination, is also retained for billing and recordkeeping purposes as mandated by law.

S i2i utilizes available information to create user profiles, both individual and aggregate, to facilitate advertisement targeting. Aggregate profile data (non-PII) may be provided to advertisers to customize information based on user interests.
Who Collects Information?

S i2i collects registration information, demographic information, and aggregate data.
Cookies: Our website employs “cookies” to deliver content tailored to your interests, customize the site, and store login credentials to streamline future visits.
Protection of Your Details

Secure servers and encryption protocols (e.g., SSL) are utilized to safeguard data during registration, purchase, or account access.
Users are advised to select strong passwords, log off after sessions, and clear browser caches to mitigate potential risks.
Updating Your Details

To modify provided information or cancel registration, users may email [email protected].
Security of the Internet

Public forums and co-branded sites may entail different privacy policies beyond S i2i’s control.
Users should exercise caution regarding third-party interception and eavesdropping on the Internet.
Your Consent

By submitting information, users consent to its use as outlined in this Policy.
Any changes to the Privacy Policy will be posted, and continued use of services implies consent to the updated terms.